Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is a project by the Sardar Group of Companies. The developers envision creating a benchmark in the real estate sector through this grand project. It is developed with spectacular facilities and modern infrastructure to provide buyers with a magical life experience. It is in the I-14 sector of Islamabad.


Sardar Group of Companies is the developer and owner of Taj Residencia. Sardar Group of Companies is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. They are the renowned and well-known developers of the Centaurus Mall. Sardar Group of Companies has always delivered state-of-the-art projects before the deadline. The great Centaurus Mall is a living example of its standards and promises. The mall has proved to be an exact definition of a luxury residential project and commercial unit in the capital of Pakistan. 

They feature world-class amenities, high living standards, exquisite infrastructure, and premium development techniques that no one has heard of or seen. Taj Residencia is the epitome of luxury. Apart from the real estate industry, developers have tremendous experience in other fields. They have worked as traders and renters in the automotive industry.

Master Plan

The expensive project features a well-organized, well-planned, and incredible master plan. It is the work of hundreds and thousands of skilled engineers. The master plan of this remarkable town shows that the society is magnificently divided into different blocks and districts where developers aim to construct educational institutes, hospitals, buildings, and commercial hubs.

The society has a total area of about 10,000 Kanal. The developers are offering various sizes of commercial and residential plots to fulfill people’s residential and commercial needs. The master plan of the complex also comprises ready-made dream villas that are the essence of an extravagant life. Mega commercial mall labeled as Centaurus Mall 2, safari parks, zoo, mosques, botanical gardens, colleges, and schools, everything is a part of this hub’s master plan.


Suppose you are one of those who want to escape the city’s chaos but still want to enjoy the taste of the city’s contemporary facilities. In that case, Taj Residencia is the perfect place for you as it is situated on Bhata Road in the center of the twin cities of Pakistan. This residential scheme’s ideal location makes it a captivating and appealing investment opportunity for investors. Currently, the residential complex is considered one of the best investment opportunities in the locality.

Taj Residencia is located opposite to I-14 and I-15 sectors of Islamabad with three different entrance points. The first entrance spot lies in the link road of the I-14 sector. The second entrance lies in the I-16 sector. This community’s last and third entry point will be from the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road via Thalian Interchange, M-2. However, the third entrance is not available because Ring Road is under construction. After the completion of the construction and development of the Ring Road, the third entry point will become functional.


The map of Taj Residencia is highly approachable. With three different entry points and locations between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the accessible map of this marvel has conquered the hearts of investors.

Total Area

The residential scheme has a total area of 10,000 Kanal.

Access Points

Some of the primary access points and their distance from Taj Residencia are as follows.

  • Chakra Road is at a distance of 5 minutes.
  • GT Road is only 25 minutes away.
  • Srinagar Highway is just 29 minutes away.
  • Lahore Islamabad Motorway is one of the primary access points, as it is just 25 minutes away.
  • Islamabad International Airport is a drive of about 31 minutes.

NOC and Planning Permission

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is an essential element in real estate. NOC of Taj Residencia has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Salient Features

Taj Residencia provides its clients with exceptional and fascinating services. It is a splendid marvel with tranquil and refreshing air superbly matched with a bustling environment. The master plan of this highly regarded endeavor has been meticulously formulated to provide its residents with international living standards. 

Some of the distinguishing features of Taj Residencia are enlisted below.

  • Striking residential villas
  • Amusing eye park
  • Remarkable commercial hubs
  • Play areas
  • State-of-the-art royal club
  • Aesthetically pleasing botanical gardens
  • Safari Parks
  • Prime location
  • Close to International Standard Hospital
  • The Centaurus Mall 2
  • Mosques
  • Educational institutes

Facilities and Amenities

Following are some of the facilities and amenities that Taj Residencia has:

Shopping Centers

Gigantic shopping malls will be part of this impeccable housing scheme where residents will find all national and international brands in one place.

Playgrounds and Parks

Playgrounds and parks will be part of this marvel where children can spend their leisure time and enjoy themselves. The parks will have jogging and walking tracks for adults to ensure healthy living.

Water Resources

Avalon city features an uninterrupted water supply for its residents. The water will be available 24/7 as the developers plan to build large water reservoirs within the community’s premises to store a large amount of water.

Commercial and Business Hubs

The developers of this ravishing endeavor have considered the commercial needs of residents. For this purpose, the society will have commercial and business hubs where residents can fulfil all their economic and commercial needs.

Grand Mosques

Keeping in mind the residents’ religion, Taj Residencia will have a mosque where residents can pray. The mosque will feature a sacred aura, soul-stirring recitation of Al-Quran, peaceful ambience, world-class infrastructure, and heart-warming essence of prayers that will bring joy and peace to residents.

Healthcare Facilities

The developers also aspire to provide their residents with top-notch healthcare facilities. For this purpose, state-of-the-art hospitals will be constructed within society’s premises. The hospitals will be neat and clean. Only highly qualified and reliable doctors will be recruited in the hospitals that will provide their services 24/7.


Security is the top-most priority of developers. The gates of this opulent marvel will be heavily guarded. Unless verified, no unauthorized person will be allowed to enter the society’s premises. The authorities also plan to install surveillance cameras and facial recognition to ensure the safety of the community’s residents.

Education Facilities

Education is the critical aspect of civilized society that transforms the individual’s life and brings a positive change to society. Keeping this in mind, the developers plan to construct education complexes within the community. The educational institutes will have skilled and competent professors that will impart knowledge to students.

Eco-friendly Environment

Eco-friendly, peaceful, and sustainable are some words that perfectly describe its environment. The Hi-tech enabled city features aesthetically pleasing landscapes, breathtaking views, serene settings, close-to-nature, and eco-friendly settings that evoke joy and refreshes one’s soul.

Payment Plans

Taj Residencia Dream Villas

The complex features sophisticated dream villas having high-end amenities. The following sizes of Villas are available for purchase.

  • 5 Marla (3-bed houses)
  • 8 Marla (5-bed houses)
  • 10 Marla (5-bed houses)

The categories of Dream villas are as follows.

  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean
  • 10 Marla Villa Eclectic
  • 10 Marla Villa Modern

Taj Residencia Residential Plots

Taj Residencia is offering Taj Villas in 3 different categories: Modern Villas, Mediterranean Villas, and Eclectic Villas in the following sizes:
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The palatial complex has affordable payment. All the luxuries at Taj Residencia are available at reasonable prices. If you want to book a plot in this community, you have to pay the 20% down payment, and then the rest of the amount is payable in 10 quarterly installments. 

1 Year Payment Plan

For some residential and commercial plots, Taj Residencia features 1-year payment plan, in which the down payment is 30%, and there are four quarterly installments.

2.5 Year Payment Plan

Some properties are available at a 2.5-year installment plan. After paying the down payment, the rest of the amount is payable in 10 quarterly installments. 

1.5 Year Payment Plan

In a 1.5-year payment plan, the buyers must pay six quarterly installments after the down payment.

Dream Villa Payment Plan

To purchase the dream villas, all you have to do is to pay the booking, confirmation, and possession amount. After that, the remaining amount is payable in 6 quarterly and one yearly installment.

How to Book your Plot?

To book a plot at Taj Residencia, follow the following procedure.

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Verify all your documents.
  • Pay the down payment.

Documents Required for Booking Plot in Taj Residencia

Following are the document required to book a plot in this sumptuous residential marvel.

  • CNIC copy for an applicant
  • CNIC copy of the close relative
  • NICOP is required in case of Overseas client
  • Passport size photographs

Latest Developments

The revolutionary residential scheme is developing at high speed. The development of four blocks has been completed. Over the span of one year, residents will start living in the developed blocks.

Benefits of Investing in Taj Residencia

Following are some of the benefits of investing in Taj Residencia.

  • Approved NOC
  • Prime location
  • Standard of comfort
  • Commercial units
  • Ensures financial stability
  • Well-known and experienced developers
  • Development at a fast speed

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of investing in Taj Residencia are as follows.


  • Highly regarded luxury housing scheme
  • Avail the possession of properties right after paying the down payment
  • Well-organized master plan
  • Highly accessible location
  • Close to hospitals and airport
  • Development of four blocks have been completed
  • Basic and sumptuous amenities


  • Development under process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who owns Taj Residencia?

Sardar Group of Companies owns this luxury housing scheme.


Where is Taj Residencia located?

It is located at Bhata Road, near I-14 and I-15 sectors.


Is Taj Residencia an approved project?

Yes, the NOC of this community is approved by RDA.


Why should you invest in Taj Residencia?

Enlisted below are some of the compelling reasons to invest in this society.

  • The society features futuristic amenities.
  • It has an incredible and well-planned master plan.
  • The community has reliable and experienced developers.
  • It has a prime location.
  • It is a fruitful and beneficial investment opportunity.


Does Taj Residencia offer residential plots?

Yes, the complex offers residential properties of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.


Is there any discount on Taj Residencia plots?

Yes, you can avail a discount of 6% by paying a lump sum amount.


What is the total area of Taj Residencia?

The society has a total area of about 10,000 Kanal.


Is Taj Residencia an affordable housing project?

Taj Residencia features affordable payment plans.


Taj Residencia is the destination for those who always dream of spending their lives luxuriously at budget-friendly prices. The proximity to various landmarks and hubs are the cherries on top. It is located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, providing the people with chaos-free life. Approved NOC, experienced developers, and ideal location makes Taj Residencia a perfect place. Along with all this, it is a beneficial and fruitful investment opportunity.

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