Faisal Town Phase 2

Faisal Town Phase II is emerging as a milestone project of the Faisal Town Group, a renowned name in the real estate industry within the premises of the twin cities. Zedem International and Faisal town Pvt.Ltd is the key planner for this most awaited project. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, CEO and a well-known personality in the real estate industry, is leading this housing project.

With previously launched state-of-the-art housing projects, Faisal Town appeared as a treasure in the real estate industry of Pakistan with huge popularity among investors. Due to the rise in housing society demand in the market, Faisal Group is launching Faisal Town Phase II with beautiful designs and architecture.

Faisal Town Phase 2


Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, the owner of two reputed firms and the developer of this project, is one of the successful characters in the real estate industry of Pakistan. He has already accomplished victory in different housing projects.

Master Plan

Faisal Group Town is well known for its design and architectural measures; for this project, the master plan will develop soon.


The project location is the most important aspect of every successful housing society. The Faisal Town Phase II is located at the Thalian interexchange alongside the motorway.

Total Area

A total area of 25000 Kanal has always been aquired for the Faisal Town Phase II, and it is predicted that it will be extended to 100,000 Kanal shortly.

Access Points

This society is identified as one of the most accessible housing societies with the following approachable characteristics:

  • The motorway is easy to reach 
  • 7 mint drive from CBR phase 2
  • 10 mint from Islamabad International Airport
  • 10 mint drive from Girja Road
  • 17 mint drive from the N-80
  • 25 mint away from M-14
  • Fateh Jang is 35 mint drive away

NOC and Planning Permission

The approval of NOC for this futuristic project is under consideration by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Salient Features

This innovative project brings unique features and opportunities for people to enjoy for a lifetime. These features include:

  • Easily approachable from diverse regions
  • The area has a high appreciation in the market
  • Easily affordable with reasonable prices 
  • Developing societies follow the international trends
  • Availability of both basic and advanced services
  • Convenient methods of installment 
  • The community will be sustainable and environmentally friendly 
  • Surrounded by breathtaking landscape
  • Infrastructural advancement, unique, and innovative designs

Facilities and Amenities

The project aims to give a comfortable lifestyle by providing all the basic and advanced amenities and services that are the requirements of a healthy and luxurious life. People will be fascinated by the lavish facilities at a very convenient rate.

Basic requirements

Society will facilitate the community with all the necessities of life, such as water, electricity, and gas, with promising 24/7 availability. To maintain the aesthetic appearance, the underground constructions of these utilities are in consideration of the plan.

Educational Facilities

A key to the success of every society is quality education. Educational institutions will be built in the community to provide quality education for the residents. Different universities are located near the project area, concluding a convenient spot for educational activities for the people.

Healthcare facilities

Health is a prime concern of every society. One of the important basic rights of humans. Faisal Town Phase II will provide splendid hospitals with cutting-edge resources as well as types of equipment. Qualified medical officers will facilitate the hospitals from high domains. Furthermore, extensive clinics will be built to meet the medical needs of the residents.

Commercial and business hotspot

Faisal Town Phase II society encourages commercial development within the society. Providing ravishing accessories for the residents through shopping malls, international brand outlets, and small markets is one of the huge facilities this project is delivering. It will also increase employment opportunities.

Environmental Friendly society

With the growing urbanization, people are seeking to live in areas with peace along with a serene environment. Prioritizing people’s demands, Faisal Town II will contribute 45% of its location to the plantation. It will not only facilitate the residents with a new environment. Rather it will encourage sustainable development as well as conservation of the natural ecosystem.


Home is somewhere one can feel safe and secure. This project will introduce good security systems by guarding the gates and providing CCTV screening mechanisms. This will allow only the relevant person to pass through the gates. This society will be enveloped in zenith walls to protect internal entities. In addition, the linked roads or other connecting streets outside the society will be monitored through CCTV to enhance residents’ security further.

Payment Plans

The prices are affordable, and the payment methods are convenient, with easy installments. The down payment is 20% with flexibility in the rest payment with 4.5 years of quarterly installments plan.

5 Marla

The investors of this world-class society have to pay a total price of Rs 2,795,000 /- with a downpayment of Rs 595,000 /- for 5 Marla plots.

8 Marla

For 8 Marla the total price is Rs 3,825,000 with a downpayment of Rs 725,000 /-.

10 Marla

The interested people in Faisal Town Phase II have to pay a downpayment of Rs 845,000 /- for 10 Marla/
The total price for 10 Marla is Rs 4,925,000 /-.

12 Marla

Faisal Town Phase II has an affordable payment plan for the residents with a total price of Rs 6,095,000 /- for a plot size of 12 Marla.

1 Kanal

Total price for 01 Kanal is Rs 8,055,000 /- with a reasonable downpayment of Rs 1,265,000 /-.

2 Kanal

To get 2 Kanal the buyer has to pay a total price of Rs 15,095,000 /- with a downpayment of Rs 1,555,000 /-.

How to Book your Plot?

We recommend our valuable customers resolve their queries by contacting the management to avoid any mishap. When it comes to the booking procedure, it is simple.

Following are the steps involved in booking a plot in Faisal Town Phase 2.

  • Firstly, fill out the booking form carefully
  • Then attach CNIC copies with the form
  • Pay the down payment through bank draft or cheque. After getting confirmation from management, you can also pay the down payment in cash
  • At last, submit all the required documents

Documentation Requirement for Booking

The following documents are required to book a property in Faisal Town Phase II.

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP is required for overseas client
  • Two copies of CNIC
  • Two copies of the CNIC of your next kin

Benefits of Investment in Faisal Town Phase II

Faisal Town Phase II gives investors multiple reasons to invest in this project. This project is a well-grounded opportunity to invest due to the following mentioned reasons below:

  • The remarkable location and neighborhood
  • Owned by trustworthy as well as expert developers
  • Convenient and reasonable society
  • Potential earning investment outcomes
  • Availability of marvelous facilities
  • Quality infrastructure

Pros and Cons

Like everything has its pros and cons, Faisal Town has too, which are as follows.


  • A steady supply of basic utilities
  • Outstanding location
  • Easily approachable 
  • Reliable developers 
  • Secure and guarded
  • Flexibility in payments
  • Guaranteed 24/7 maintenance service
  • Proper drainage systems
  • Eco-friendly and serene


  • Development under progress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Faisal Town Phase II?

Faisal Town Phase II is an emerging housing society of Zedem International. 


Does Faisal Town Phase II have approved NOC?

Rawalpindi Development Authority will soon approve the NOC of this state-of-the-art society.


Is Faisal Town Phase II a good investment?

Faisal Town Phase II is a risk-free and profitable investment opportunity because of its unique and high-end features.


Where is Faisal Town Phase II located?

Faisal Town Phase II is located at Thalian interexchange alongside the motorway also conneted to Chakri Road, Rawalpindi


Who are the developers and owners of Faisal Town Phase II?

Faisal Town Phase II is a project of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, CEO of Zedem international


What are the amenities Faisal Town Phase-2 provides?

Faisal Town Phase II will provide all the basic utilities and services, including health, education, security, etc.


Faisal Town Phase II is one of the amazing housing projects of Zedem International that is emerging to deliver the finest facilities with an exceptionally comfortable lifestyle for the residents. It is not just a project but a chance to enjoy the lavish ingredients of life at affordable rates.

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