The Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) is a renowned name in the housing societies of Islamabad. In the past few years, it has become one of the leading housing societies with its successful housing schemes, such as the B17 Multi Gardens Phase I.

 Shortly after the launch of Faisal Town Phase 2, MPCHS announced the Multi Gardens Phase 2 with serene surroundings and outstanding amenities to continue the legacy of successful projects.


MPCHS is run and managed by the members of this company  under the supervision of the committee’s president Rao Aslam. The committee aspires to secure the organization’s basic regulations, goals, and values. MPCHS have a record of successfully completing many housing projects in the past. To continue their legacy, they are introducing the new society Multi Gardens Phase II.

Master Plan

Although the master plan for Multi Gardens Phase 2 has not been announced yet, with the previous victorious projects, the master plan of this project will also include different blocks with all the facilities and amenities.


All the previous projects of MPCHS are located in the most favourable locations in Islamabad. This mega project is located on Chakri near the M2 motorway, which is accessible to distinctive areas. Having a prime location makes this society a good investment option for home buyers and investors.


Map of Multi Gardens Phase 2 will have both residential and commercial plots. There will be carefully planned blocks to provide all the facilities.

Total Area

Multi Gardens Phase I is spread across over a large area. Similarly, Phase II will also have a large area for different blocks, education centers, health centers, etc.

Access Points

Access points play a vital role for investors in housing societies. MPCHS has always provided a comfortable lifestyle in the daily activities of its residents by introducing new projects in the most approachable sites.

NOC and Planning Permission

With an incredible history of legal commitments and legal procedures, it is predicted that this project’s NOC will not be a big deal for MPCHS. The NOC record of the past projects demonstrates the profitability and reliability of MPCHS.

Salient Features

This futuristic project will bring exceptional facilities to ensure its residents’ convenient and desirable lifestyles.

  • High appreciation in the market due to its location
  • Availability of fundamental and advanced services
  • Easy installement procedure
  • Eyes soothing natural view in the surrounding
  • Budget-friendly for everyone

Facilities and Amenities

This well-known housing society never disappoints its residents with undesirable facilities. Every housing society aims to determine its customers’ needs and fulfill those valuable requirements. Likewise, Multi Gardens Phase 2 will fascinate the residents with overwhelming lavish life with indubitable luxurious services at a reasonable rate.

Environmental Friendly society

Multi Gardens Phase 2 will consider the environmental aspects contributing to sustainable development. 

Basic requirements

The essential requirements of daily life will be available for the people to ensure a comfortable life.

Healthcare facilities

The society aims to deliver advanced healthcare services to provide a healthy and cheerful lifestyle with quality health services.

Educational Facilities

Education is the foremost need of every society. Multi Gardens Phase 2 will have educational buildings or schools within the society’s premises.

Commercial and business hotspot

To create job opportunities and to facilitate the residents, recreational centers will be within the boundaries of this innovative society.


MPCSH never compromises the safety of its residents. Trustworthy security services have always been their top priority, making this one of the most credible housing societies.


It is not only a requirement but a responsibility of every credible developer to build beautiful mosques to promote religious values and harmony within society. 

Payment Plans

Multi Garden Phase 2 has introduced reasonable rates with easy payment and an installment plan.

How to Book your Plot in MPCHS?

We recommend that our valuable customers resolve their queries by contacting the management to avoid mishaps. When it comes to the booking procedure, it is simple.

Following are the steps in booking a plot in MPCHS.

  • Firstly, fill out the booking form carefully
  • Then attach CNIC copies with the form
  • Pay the down payment through a bank draft or cheque. After getting confirmation from management, you can also pay the down payment in cash
  • At last, submit all the required documents

Documentation Requirement for Booking

The following documents are required to book a property in MPCHS.

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP is required for overseas client
  • Two copies of CNIC
  • Two copies of the CNIC of your next kin

Latest Developments

This newly introduced project by MPCHS will initiate the developmental plan shortly. 

Benefits of Investing in MPCHS

Multi Garden Phase 2 provides investors with various reasons to choose this state of the art society as their investment option. The incredible MPCHS is leading the real estate industries with all the outsanding investment opportunities and potential earning outcomes. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • The location and beautiful surrounding
  • Launched by reliable and experienced developers
  • Budget-friendly society
  • Potential earning investment outcomes
  • Availability of desirable amenities
  • Quality infrastructure will be ensured

Pros and Cons

Like everything has its pros and cons, MPCHS has too, which are as follows.


  • A steady supply of essential utilities
  • Outstanding location
  • Easily approachable 
  • Reliable developers 
  • Secure and guarded
  • Flexibility in payments
  • Guaranteed 24/7 maintenance service
  • Proper drainage systems
  • Eco-friendly and serene


  • Development under progress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Multi Garden Phase 2? 

Multi Garden Phase 2 is a newly announced housing scheme of the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society in Islamabad.


Does Multi Garden Phase 2 have approved NOC?

As per the previous impressive records of NOC approvals, the NOC of this scheme is yet not approved but is anticipated to be approved shortly.


Is Faisal Multi Garden Phase 2 a good investment?

Multi Garden Phase 2 is a risk-free and profitable investment opportunity because of its distinctive qualities and credible developers.


Where is Multi Garden Phase 2 located?

Multi Garden Phase 2 is located near Chakri road, where the M2 motorway is easily accessible.


Who are the developers and owners of Multi Garden Phase 2?

Multi Garden Phase 2 is a project of the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society.


What are the amenities Multi Garden Phase 2 provides?

Multi Garden Phase 2 will provide all the fundamental life entities, such as water, and electricity, including health, education, and security.


How to learn about the booking status?

The easy way to learn about your booking details is to contact Nucleus Marketing through the official numbers.


Is the visit to the project area possible before deal confirmations?

Yes, it is possible to visit the project location before any conclusions.


Multi Garden Phase 2 is one of the best housing schemes of the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society. It is continuing the legacy of success in the real estate industry with its advancement in housing facilities and an exceptionally lavish lifestyle chance for the residents. This project is stepping in to enhance the standard of life at affordable rates. The best opportunity is at the doorstep, Open your doors and welcome this excellent housing project of MPCHS. Make your investment journey easy with Nucleus Marketing.

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