Sialkot Motorway City


The Sialkot Motorway City real estate development project was recently added to the Sialkot City real estate market. One of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan, Sialkot, is famous for its trade and is the largest hub for sports goods in the country. This newly launched housing project provides a chance to investors to make a big investment in one of this city’s fastest-growing areas.

NOC of Sialkot Motorway City is approved and this housing project aims to change the living standard of people in the region. There are a lot of interesting features, including the ability to take possession in six months, the 120FT wide access from the Lahore-Wazirabad Motorway, etc.

Sialkot Motorway City


MAZ Developers and 5G Group are jointly developing Sialkot Motorway City. Companies have played a great part in the real estate industry of Pakistan. 

Software development is the main focus of MAZ Developers, a subsidiary of Techno Engineering Services. Infrastructure development is one of its specialties. The parent company has provided oil & Gas development services for many years.

Founded decades ago, MAZ Developers successfully delivered more than a dozen real estate projects since then. Their professionalism makes them quite popular in the real estate sector.

Master Plan

MAZ Developers, one of Pakistan’s leading real estate companies, developed the master plan with the help of a group of professionals and experts. In total, there are 427 residential plots for sale. Some modern facilities and features are included in the plan of Sialkot Motorway City that can provide residents with a modern-day living experience. There are many facilities included in this gated community, including a water theme park, commercial areas, wide streets and street lights, 120ft main boulevard road, 24-hour security, a community club, a hospital, and many others. With approximately 3500-4000 Kanal of land, different plots are available in various sizes.

There is no doubt that the company is one of the most well-known property developers in Pakistan, especially in the twin cities. 

A leading real estate service provider, 5G Properties has earned its reputation for hard work around the clock. An experienced team of professionals is employed at the company.

Society Layout Plan

There are 3500-4000 Kanal plots divided into residential plots, commercial plots, luxury villas, and apartments in the housing development. As a result, the society launched 427 plots under these categories. The program’s first phase has already been launched, and the second phase will follow very soon. There are five residential plots, each measuring 125 square yards, eight plots measuring 200 square yards, ten plots measuring 250 square yards, and a Kanal measuring 500 square yards. Three Marla, five Marla, and seven Marla are available for commercial development.

Plot dimensions

The developers have announced many plot sizes for those looking to build their dream homes. Currently, these plots are available at an affordable price, which gives people who don’t own homes the opportunity to live in a luxury community with modern amenities. The following Plot sizes are available:

  • 5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal 

It is like where real estate investors invest in commercial properties. MAZ Developers’ mission is to provide the community with a beautiful business area within the housing society. Real estate investors are investing in these commercial plots to get a high return on their investment.


Your investment can succeed or fail, depending on where you are investing. A prime location and amazing amenities are the most attractive features for investors when choosing a property. Located near the M-11 and Wazirabad Roads, Sialkot Motorway City provides easy access to the motorway.


The map of Sialkot Motorway City depicts that it has a most accessible location that can be easily accessed by residents from several areas, including the twin cities.

Total Area

The total area of this beautiful society is approximately 3500-4000 Kanal, which will provide residential and commercial plots.

Access Points

You can easily access it from different areas. Residents of this community can easily access society from several points.

Following are some main areas and their distance from Sialkot Motorway City:

  • Located at M-11 Motorway
  • Located at Wazirabad Road
  • About 15 min drive from Daska Road
  • About 18 min drive from Defense Road
  • 30 min drive from Sialkot City
  • 31 min drive from Sialkot Cantt

NOC and Planning Permission

The housing society is approved. Tehsil Municipal Sialkot approved the NOC under registration TC/SMB/21/217. Although every housing project faces the problem of NOC approval, this project obtained its NOC within a very short timeframe. Investment in such projects is safe, and it is due to the approval of the NOC these projects have increased significantly. Lastly, when a housing society gets its NOC, it is attractive to real estate investors, who easily trust such projects.

Salient Features

Have a look at a few salient features of this product.

  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-friendly community
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development

Facilities and amenities

Facilities and amenities are explained below:


Residents of this project will have access to shopping malls and small commercial buildings developed by the project developers.

Eco-friendly Environment

Eco-friendly and green environments define this society’s environment of natural essence. Greenery areas have been set aside for parks, nurseries, and playgrounds, which the developers will develop.

Waste management plant

An environment that is clean and healthy is ensured by waste management. An appointed staff member of this housing project will collect and transport waste within the society through a proper waste management system


Residents of this housing project will have access to medical facilities thanks to the developers. As part of this housing society, they plan to build a hospital to provide immediate healthcare services. This society is also close to several hospitals.

Water, Gas, & Electricity

There are three basic needs of human life: water, gas, and electricity. These facilities are essential to a housing society. There is underground water, gas, and electricity in this housing society. Additionally, it has a pure drinking water system, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Sports Complex

You must live a healthy lifestyle with some physical activities to stay healthy. A sports complex is available for different sports and other different activities. There will be jogging and walking tracks available for the residents. A playground is also available for outdoor games.


Society cannot function without educational institutions. Sialkot Motorway City’s developers intend to provide its residents with a quality education. As a result, this housing society has designed schools and other educational institutions within its premises to provide basic education.

Security and face recognition

Living in a housing society requires a high level of security. This housing project operates a face recognition system 24 hours a day. CCTV surveillance is installed at the entrance gate and other access points. Residents can enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle in this gated community.

Payment Plans

Sialkot Motorway City offers an affordable payment plan with easy installment plans. In addition to easy instalments of three years, the developers promised possession within six months. Bookings are also available at pre-launch prices.

Bookings are open for plots in Sialkot Motorway City at the following rates:

Payment Plan Phase I

5 Marla

  • For buying a plot of 5 Marla in Sialkot Motorway City, the investors have to pay a total price of Rs 5,500,000 /- with a downpayment of Rs 1,100,000 /-.
  • The 29 monthly installment for this society is Rs 68,276 /- with a total possession of Rs 440,000 /-.

8 Marla

  • The total price for 8 Marla plots is Rs 8,800,000 /- with a 20% downpayment of Rs 1,760,000 /- that the investors are required to pay for purchasing 8 Marla.
  • In the case of installments, for the 29 monthly installments, the buyer has to pay Rs 109,241 /- and the overall possession charge is Rs 704,000 /-.

10 Marla

  • While purchasing the 10 Marla plots the investor should know the total price which is Rs 11,000,000 /- and the downpayment is Rs 2,200,000 /-.
  • For people who are interested in the installment schemes need to pay Rs 136,552/- for 29 monthly installments.
  • The possession rate for 10 Marla is Rs 880,000 /-.

1 kanal

  • The future residents of Sialkot Motorway City have to purchase 1 Kanal at a total price of Rs 22,000,000 /- with a downpayment of Rs 4,400,000 /-.
  • Those investors interested in the installment can pay Rs 273,103 /- for the 29 monthly installments.
  • The total possession is Rs 1,760,000 /-.

How to Book your Plot?

Booking in Sialkot Motorway City is very convenient. Follow these guidelines to book a plot in Sialkot Motorway City.  

Document Verification

Please ensure all documentation is verified to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Make sure to ask about the NOC and approval document from the developer. You can use this method to validate your documentation for all possible means of customer satisfaction.

Financial Security

Be sure that your funds are aligned with your purchase plan before closing on the sale or purchase of the property. 

Property Visits

You should visit the site to verify that all the written documents comply with the plot specifications before making any purchases.

Documentation Requirement for Booking

The following documents are required to book a property in Sialkot Motorway city.

  • Two passport-size Pictures
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next Kin

Latest Developments

Under the latest information provided by the society, the main boulevard road has been constructed, and two commercial buildings are in the final stages of development. In addition to the cutting, boundary wall construction and land leveling are in progress. These steps show how committed the developers of this housing society are to delivering their projects promptly and providing investors with the best living conditions

Benefits of Investing in Avalon City

Sialkot Motorway City offers many investment benefits. Sialkot Motorway City is a perfect choice for any investor looking for a reliable project to invest in.

Following are some of the benefits of investment in Sialkot Motorway City.

  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties
  • Contemporary amenities
  • Ensures financial stability
  • Risk-free investment opportunity
  • Reliable developers and owners
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable environment

Pros and Cons

Like everything has its pros and cons, Sialkot Motorway City has too, which are as follows.


  • Reliable developers and owners
  • Uninterrupted supply of gas, water, and electricity
  • Peaceful ambience
  • High-end security
  • Prime and highly accessible location
  • Waste disposal system
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Luxurious amenities
  • NOC approved
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Development at a fast pace


  • Perception of far-away location
  • Crowded area

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Sialkot Motorway City, and how is it different from other projects?

An affordable living experience is offered in Sialkot Motorway City, a multipurpose project. The development of the facility has been carried out by engineers, architects, and other experienced staff with years of experience.


Is it an approved and legal project?

According to reports, Sialkot Motorway City’s NOC has been approved by the TMA.


Is it an affordable property project?

Yes, it is affordable due to the easy installment plan. Keeping luxury and affordability in balance has been the responsibility of the management.


Does this project has a potential high-yield investment return?

Families and small investors will benefit from the affordable installation schedules. A high-yield investment thus has a higher chance of returning high returns.


What is the location of the Sialkot Motorway City?

Located near Wazirabad Road and the M-11 Motorway, Sialkot Motorway City is next to the M-11 Motorway.


Who are the developers of Sialkot Motorway City?

5G Group and MAZ Developers developed Sialkot Motorway City together.


With just one goal in mind: to provide a world-class luxurious lifestyle to its residents, Sialkot Motorway City is a luxury property development. This project is known for its luxury facilities, affordability, and location.

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